ROI (Return of Investment) Learning


Shelf Magement System is designed for the fast changing in-store environment which allows rapid integration of changing shelf layouts. This helps to lower personnel cost for shelf maintenance and enhances your customers' shopping experience by making it easy and convenient to browse the product display shelves.


What is the ROI on Shelf Management System?



   Shelf Management System - SmartROLLER™ SmartPUSHER™ can help to keep your

   product  always at the shelf front, by using with the Data Strips can increase the visibility

   as well as reach a larger customer base by increasing customer shopping experience.





Return on Investment


   "47% of shoppers indicated that at some point in their past they enjoyed a "WOW" shopping experience.

   When "WOW" shopping experiences happen, they create tremendous word-of-month impact.

   A Study of Gender Differences in The Retail Experience, The Verde Group 2007


"The comsumers are more inclined to purchase the product which is efficiently displayed."

Journal of Business Management & social Sciences Research





"Without using the system, we need to pull the products forward. Noew we have hand-free product facing products and helps to save

about 3-4 hours per day."

Feedback from Convenience Store Staff